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What are the secrets to effective use of a free aticle directory, and how they be assisted by a keyword analysis service for US web site promotions?

Article or aticle marketing as some like to spell it, can be an effective means of promotion, but there are two keys to success.

1) Effective keywords must be used.
2) Any author must learn how to work effectively with article marketing sites as though they were a partner in business.

These recommendations sound easy enough, but they do require some clarification.
Effective keywords are keyword phrases that have both good traffic, and low competition. This is important, because if the only consideration is traffic, keywords can easily be chosen that have significant traffic, but also very high levels of competition.

In fact, if highly competitive keywords are chosen, it may be difficult or nearly impossible to rank for those extremely competitive keywords. Even if is possible, it may be prohibitively expensive to achieve.

It may take substantial efforts in order to rank highly, that are simply not worth the investment of time and effort. Effective keywords with both reasonable traffic levels, and low competition, are keywords with good return on investment, or R.O.I.

You may never have heard of R.O.I. used in reference to keywords, but this should always be a consideration. A competent keyword analysis service professional should look at keywords in these terms.

The second important point of consideration is how to work with the free aticle directory site. What do the owners of these sites want? Well, they simply want as much traffic to their site as possible. The more visitors to the site, the more revenue in terms of advertising dollars.

The editors and owners of these sites, are well aware of the search engine positions that the articles on their site claim on a daily and weekly basis. They carefully track these results on the search engines.

Is it any surprise that as an author, you want the very same thing? You want to increase traffic to your site, and you want to gain good search engine positions.

If you follow the rules a free aticle directory sets up and work within the system they have established, you will be rewarded with quick approval, and gain the search engine positions you desire. Of course you will have to write articles with optimized keywords, and you may need assistance from a good keyword analysis service.

In any US web site promotion, you can’t ask for more than to have your articles gain good search engine position. If you follow the recommendations of a qualified keyword analysis service, your efforts will be rewarded. Your sites will benefit from increased traffic and greater numbers of qualified visitors.

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