Write Effective Blog Posts

How can blog posts be improved for web site promotion? How do you write better blog posts that will be seen, for your US web site promotion? Most bloggers are aware that a hosted WordPress blog is one of the best platforms to use for US web site promotions. This article emphasizes three critical factors […]

Worldwide Search Results

Which search engine leads the market in search at the beginning of 2016? As you might have guessed, it is Google. World Search Engine Market Of course, this is quite a remarkable accomplishment, however Google does not dominate the market in several countries where local competition is quite fierce, due to cultural and other linguistic […]

Web Site Promotion

What can Google do to protect legitimate US web site promotion and limit the dilution of content by Content Farms? First of all, what are content farms? They are sites that attempt to make money by paying as little as posssible to content creators for answers to questions most often asked on the Internet. They […]

Use Google Wonder Wheel

Use the Google Wonder Wheel to suggest ideas for web site promotion. The Google Wonder wheel can not only suggest ideas for your next US web site promotion, it can assist with search keywords selection. If you look at any Google search results page, there is a small line above the sponsored links box, (in […]

SEO For Local Business

The local business market is booming everywhere you look. As we all head in droves to the internet to literally lookup everything and anything, local businesses are playing catch up to the changing tide. You can’t ignore it, it won’t go away and for those that hold out they are left behind as it’s a […]

Promote with real-time search

Use Google’s new real time search, and watch your US web site promotion soar. According to numerous sources, Google is beginning to implement real time search into their search engine results. Matt Cutts from Google has stated it will be after the holidays, that recent changes will fully take effect. Some new results are already […]