Leapfish Sucks

Have you heard of them yet? Leapfish is a brand-new search engine. They combine results from all 3 majors (G,Y,and MSN) in a similar fashion to Meta Crawler, Dogpile, and the old-school WebFerret. There is nothing unique, ground-breaking, or remotely original to combining search results from several SEs and combining them all into one. Hell, […]

Google Webmaster Tools Has Changed

If you use Google Webmaster Tools (if you are not using them, you should be), then you’ve probably noticed that they’ve made some changes recently. I noticed that during the past few days, GWT was acting funny. It wasn’t showing any of the data for the top search queries. And I noticed it running a […]

The Different Kinds of Web Copywriting Services

For the purpose of effective search engine optimization, it is also necessary to give importance on the various allied services like web copywriting, web designing, social media optimization and so on. Copywriting is an extremely important part of search engine optimization as it largely determines the generation of higher traffic on the company’s website. The […]