Facebook Ads (PPC) Strategies

Seems to be a hot topic doesn’t it? Everywhere you go people talking about facebook and facebook traffic and facebook pages, facebook for business, and also facebook advertising! There are countless different courses available right now about using facebook advertising to make piles of money, people calling it free traffic and so on. As usual, there are plenty of bad products out there, scamming people into believing you can get push button information to make thousands using facebook, but that is far from the truth, so what is the truth.

Facebook advertising platform is like no other we have ever seen before, not even close. The ability to do laser focused ads to people based on the piles of information users have willingly added to their profile makes it an advertisers dream! With so many eyeballs GLUED to facebook on a daily basis, and the ability to laser focus your ads makes it a player you can’t ignore.

I didn’t always think so kindly of Facebook PPC. Only a year ago I was singing a different tune, likely because it’s blown up so big in the last year, AND I’ll admit, I was a little green about it then too. My opinion hasn’t changed completely, but I’m definitely more open to it. It’s definitely a different beast than Adwords, and the best thing you can do is try and test, you’ll quickly find out whether it’s going to work for you or your offer as it stands.

So without diving head first with blinders on and ending up spending a lot of money on it, like any system you need to understand how it works before you can really leverage it, or even test it out thorougly.

I reached out to an expert, Jennifer Sheahan from www.FBAdsLab.com for some inside expert advice on how to navigate facebook advertising.

I met Jennifer in Sydney back in September and our paths have crossed several times since then. Jennifer has pulled over on the side of the road to take a Skype call from me once, as I was having a pain of a time getting ads approved and I was completely clueless as to what to try next (I had tried everything I know). She gave me a couple good tips and away I went and got my ads approved!

I don’t want to spoil some of the great tips she has given away in this interview, so grab a pen and paper, load this up in your iPod for the car, whatever you do, listen and learn (just like I did!) Whether you’re helping out a local business, or you’re advertising your own products or affiliate products, there is some great information in this interview for you. Navigating some of the difficulties can be tricky, so listen to some of these awesome tips Jennifer has to get high performing, cheap click ads approved and running and CONVERTING! She also outlines how to avoid wasting your money and giving it to facebook.

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