Find an Affordable SEO package in NY

Is it possible to find an affordable SEO package in NY for your web site promotion these days?

This question has more than a hint of scepticism in it. We hear in the news about government deficits, and how taxes will have to go up.

The recession seems to have turned the corner for those in Wall Street or big business, but no one knows when, (and even if ever), unemployment will be solved.

One thing you can count on is that if you choose the right SEO consultant you will definitely get good value and be able to find an excellent and affordable SEO package to promote your business online through your web site.

So how can an average guy go about choosing an SEO consultant when the whole SEO business sounds, well it sounds kind of like buying whip cream and air sauce? (This was one of my grandma’s favorite expressions.)

I totally agree that SEO sometimes seems like smoke and mirrors. This can easily happen when you end up talking to the wrong SEO consultant.

The first thing you may want to know, is whether your SEO consultant understands anything about your business. If your SEO consultant is a retired corn farmer from Iowa, he may not know much about your NY business. (With all due respect to Iowa farmers)

On the other hand, if your SEO consultant has lived in the NY area practically his whole life, well, that is a good start. Does he really know anything about your business?

I specialize in manufacturers, but I deal with many different companies, and the first thing I do is understand a clients business. If I cannot understand the essence of a client’s business, how could I possibly write about it, and do a good job of SEO?

A good SEO consultant serving NY customers will want to take a long look at your web site, and see what kind of search or target keywords you are focused on at the moment. He will want to do keyword research to begin to understand where you want to rank on the search engines.

He will suggest keyword research with special attention to the competitiveness of your chosen keywords. He may recommend pusuit of additional keywords, or alternative ones.

This is one of the key considerations to keep any SEO package in an affordable range. Short 2 word keyword phrases may have considerable traffic, but they may also be very competitive, it may take weeks or even months of SEO effort to achieve a high search engine position for these words.

A more cost effective short and long term strategy is to pursue long tail keyword phrases first. These less competitive longer phrases can be more effective in the short term because they can gain search engine position much more quickly.

If your SEO consultant pursues a strategy that includes many of the above strategies, you are on the right track, and you should hire this SEO consultant.

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