Google Webmaster Tools Has Changed

If you use Google Webmaster Tools (if you are not using them, you should be), then you’ve probably noticed that they’ve made some changes recently.

I noticed that during the past few days, GWT was acting funny. It wasn’t showing any of the data for the top search queries. And I noticed it running a little bit slower than usual.

I logged into GWT this morning and saw that they now have a completely new interface.
My first impression of the new design is that it is very close to the design of Gmail. It is much cleaner in appearance and they’ve changed the navigation style somewhat.

Instead of “What Googlebot sees”, it now says “Keywords”. And it also has a link for “Crawler Access” now. (which appears to be the same data as before).

Over-all, I do like it. But as with all new changes, it will take some getting used to.

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