How to Get Website Traffic from Document Sharing Sites

Website traffic being the crucial factor, internet marketers have started exploring new avenues and sources for the same. One such source which was gained a lot of attention is the document sharing sites. Document sharing sites receive a lot of website traffic each and every day and google loves them. Hence, internet marketers have started diverting this traffic to their website. This article is focused on getting some very good link juice and website traffic from this sites.

The secret behind the document sharing sites is videos. We all know videos are the number one website traffic generators of all times and google gives very high importance to them. Most of these document sharing sites want to you share your power point slides as they are primitive form of videos. It is boldly claimed in the internet marketing world that these sites actually convert your power point slides into videos while displaying them on their sites. I have gathered some info regarding these sites.

Triple Your Website Traffic with this 5 minute Work on Document Sharing Sites

Now, you must be wondering what to upload on these sites. A lot of internet marketers are just inserting their own links in the PLR stuff and uploading them to their accounts. However I am not into duplicate content. The easiest thing will be to take an article from website. Place a link to a different article on your website and a link to the domain/home page; convert it into .pdf and upload it. These very .pdf file can be converted into a ppt file by using a screen capture software and placing images on the .ppt slides. Their are more chances of you and me watching a .ppt slide rather than read a .pdf file. Also there are softwares available on the internet that convert the .ppt slides into video files. So you can see the options are too much. You have seven websites to upload a single article. But if you convert them into different formats, the number of files increasing and we are not considering the video files over here. And we all know the power of videos. You can just imagine how much traffic we are talking about over here from just one article. Now suppose you have ten articles on your website, these one source of website traffic itself will be very huge.

Indexing helps in Increasing Website Traffic

To get the full value of our efforts, I suggest you head over and submit your author links on this websites so that they get indexed faster. You can also do some commenting on your own uploads if necessary.

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