If Web Site Promotion Marketing Works

What are 10 keys to make US web site promotion marketing work?
What are the successful elements of a US web site promotion?

This is a brief list, but a comprehensive one.

1) A Hosted WordPress Blog – there really is no better vehicle, or platform, for US web site promotion today.
Why, you may ask? A WordPress Blog out of the box, without any customization, is already more than 50 percent optimized for the search engines. The design and structure of WordPress is highly search engine friendly.

If you make a little additional effort, your blog can be 95-100 percent optimized. Does that give you an advantage over other web sites that are only partially optimizied, or not optimized at all! Yes, it certainly does. Web site promotion marketing works best with WordPress.

2) Great content – No surprises here, concerning this point. If you answer questions, solve problems, and correctly target your customers needs, they will trust you, benefit from your information, and buy from you. Why isn’t great content enough?

Great content that is never seen, is just wasted effort. The chosen delivery platform is as important as the material itself. The old adage from Marshall McLuhan, “The medium is the message”, is highly approriate for US web site promotion and WordPress.

3) Best WordPress SEO Plugin – All in one SEO Pack – Why would I give such importance to a plugin? Because this allows you to gain full control over one of the most important pieces of SEO content, your title tags. This is the primary piece of information that Google and the other search engines use to index your web pages.

Correctly configured, you can craft a title tag for your readers, and for Google simultaneously. You can do this not only for your home page, but every post and every additional page on your site. This is some of the most savvy SEO you will find anywhere. I can’t recommend this plugin enough.

4) Additional essential WordPress plugins – # 1 Google XML Sitemaps– Easy to set-up directions for the search engines on how to crawl your site. This used to be a real chore on static HTML web sites.
# 2 WP Security scan Performs a security scan of your WordPress installation.
# 3 WP Super Cache Web site load time is important in Google search engine results. This plugin dramatically speeds up the load time of your site.

5) Google Analytics – Use Ultimate Google Analytics WordPress plugin to make it easy to install this great free tool.
Volumes have been written about Google Analytics and the feedback you can get on traffic to your site.

6) Google Webmaster Tools – The ultimate webmaster feedback mechanism on the health of your web site.

7) Use Article Directory Sites – There a few of these sites that are in the top 500 most visited sites on the Internet.

8) Use Free Online Press Release Sites Find news about you or your company, and take advantage of the online world of news. These links do not last forever, but can nevertheless be valuable.

9) Get assistance from an Automated Marketing system. The grand-daddy of Internet Marketing Systems is still the best, and about to release a spectacular new upgrade to propel the system into the world of social networking. Veretekk – head and shoulders above other competitiors. It is worth the subscription, just for the free unlimited autoresponder alone, but it is also so much more. Especially since you will have a way to hook into social networking sites, this is a no brainer to prove that web site promotion marketing works.

10) Back links, back links and more back links. As long as they are legitimate sites, and not link exchanges, etc., evey link is a valuable one. 80 percent should be related to your site in some way, and not just general directories. Also, anchor text using your keyword phrases is highly valued by Google.

There is the condensed list. I train daily on keyword research for US web site promotion. You can get this training for free with a 30 day trial of a Veretekk system. Is there anything to lose by giving it a shot? Absolutely not, especially if you can prove to yourself that web site promotion marketing really does work when it is done correctly using the right tools.

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