Instant Local Traffic

So you’re interested in being a internet marketing consultant for local businesses or is that what you’re currently doing? Maybe you need to be able to supply instant local traffic to your prospects.

The Problem

Lets be honest, you’re not really an IM consultant, you’re a sales rep for your services.
Far too many people are concerned and focused with the wrong bits.

If you can’t sell, all of your skills, services, knowledge or ability to outsource is pointless because you’ll have no business.

Having a system to sell your services is your number one priority, you need to be a good sales rep.
We’re not talking about your typical sales rep roll many of you may be use to in the corporate world.

Approaching strangers (new prospects) is daunting and the typical ways of doing it suck to be honest, nobody likes them, nobody wants to do them.

How do you get new prospects to want to do business with you? You’re a complete stranger and nobody likes to hand over money to people they don’t know and/or trust.

So how can you approach prospects and have them trust you right away, that way it’s an easy sell and they want to do business with you rather than you convincing them they need to do business with you. You can create instant trust with them when you can provide instant local traffic

Who This Is For

This is for anyone in the online space who is doing Internet Marketing consulting to local businesses. This is about how to get more local consulting clients, which is the biggest problem despite most people spending all their time on the technical parts of doing the work.

The Solution

Imagine being able to get clients the easy way. Picture this scenario, here are Laura’s rules, tell me if you like them:

• She does not call prospects, they call her.
• She does not meet prospects face-to-face until AFTER they have paid her money.
• She does not do the work herself.
• She does not do audits unless they are a paying client.

This is exactly what Instant Local Traffic will teach you to do. By using a clever email and a low cost PPC campaign, you can demonstrate expertise within hours of being in contact with your prospect (meaning they called YOU). This along with your audit after they’ve agreed to a quick $100 PPC campaign (paid for by Google!!), will have them asking you how to do more and pay you more for it.

I’ve heard it all, all the different ‘methods’ of approaching a local business (I even have my OWN!) and this one is hands down one of the best I’ve come across to this very day.

Laura is a very successful local marketer with thousands of happy students fromMobile Local Fusion which I fully stand behind myself.

This system is fantastic and anyone with an email account and some organization skills can easily implement and start getting new clients tomorrow. Collecting money only after doing your 16 second sales pitch (that’s right 16 seconds, you get the scripts)

This is what you don’t do

• You don’t send out postcards
• You don’t send out videos
• You don’t send out spam
• You don’t call strangers
• You don’t walk in to random businesses

This should get you 1 new client per day, from your house (if not more)

These prospects will be calling you back and Laura’s program tells you how to have your clients call you, and importantly what to say to them.

You get access to all the required scripts and the steps involved from start to finish from prospect to client and everything in between.

You will be able to get them on the 1st page of Google in minutes, and anyone can do it. With a quick PPC campaign for a local business, you can easily take the $100 free credit from Google so you’re not asking them for a lot of money and you provide INSTANT results (now they’re hooked on you).

Laura’s “Costco Hook” is so true and I’m sure many of you who’ve shopped there before (myself included) know excactly WHY the Costco Hook works and will work for you following Laura’s system. How often do you overspend at Costco?

Instant Local Traffic is a fantastic CLIENT GETTING program. Laura does not do any of the work, she has other people do the work for her and she will walk you through that. You see, your job isn’t to do the work, your job is to keep getting MORE paying clients.

You can’t be getting more paying clients if you’re inundated doing all the tedious tasks of SEO, Social Media, Video etc.

It’s not that you sit back and sip Margaritas, you just outsource the grunt work while you spend your time getting more and more clients.

What You Get

All of Laura’s courses come with coaching too. You’ll be able to join Laura on the phone for teleclasses and get your questions answered by Laura as you go through the program.

As you can see from the modules available within the private membership area, you get start to finish lessons including scripts, audit copy, checklists etc so you can easily go out and get new clients and have the work done by other people.

I don’t have anything negative to say about Laura’s stuff. People raved about Mobile Local Fusion, and this I will be the same. I tend to disagree with the stance on being a generalist rather than a specialist, especially in the very beginning, but that doesn’t change how you approach and get prospects wanting your help. That help could be for 1 to 10 different things (social media, email marketing, video, seo, etc).

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