Leapfish Sucks

Have you heard of them yet? Leapfish is a brand-new search engine. They combine results from all 3 majors (G,Y,and MSN) in a similar fashion to Meta Crawler, Dogpile, and the old-school WebFerret.

There is nothing unique, ground-breaking, or remotely original to combining search results from several SEs and combining them all into one. Hell, it’s been going for years already. And still, none of these “uber search engines” has ever come close to putting a dent in the big 3.

However, Leapfish is also selling it’s own advertising program. Not so much as a PPC program..but more like a “pay-per-position” scheme. Basically, you pay x-amount of dollars and you “own” the placement of your ad on their results page, based upon your market and keyword. Sounds like it might be a decent idea, right? Wrong!

I was contacted by a Leapfish sales representitive last week. And this little bastard reminded me of something worse than a high-pressure used car salesman. Seriously, it was one of those fast-talking, “act-now-or-never” type of pitches that really seem to strike a nerve somewhere deep in my core.

He was going on and on about how I can buy one of their advertisements slots for around $1500 right now. But if I don’t do it today, it’s going to be sold out from underneath me, gone forever, and never coming back.
$1500? WTF?

So, I played along for a little but and asked him what Leapfish was going to do to market themselves. I’ve never heard of Leapfish before so why pay that much for something that is not very popular?

The sales representitive then went on to tell me that they have already seen some huge traffic in the 5 months of their existence and they “plan on seeing a lot more in the next year”.

So I said “Ok…and that’s it? Is that all you can tell me? How is Leapfish going to promote itself and compete with the major SEs?” After I continued to push him a little more and more, he then went on to say how Leapfish has this huge “viral” marketing campaign going on right now.

I asked him to explain that to me (this is where he started to fumble). He said something like this “…well, we are ..you know..making phone calls…posting on forums…uh…you know, giving people the option to set Leapfish as their home page…uh…blog posts…stuff like that.”

LOL Does anybody see anything wrong with that answer? What’s so “viral” about telemarketing? What’s viral about any of the crap answers he gave me? Not a damn thing.

But I held my tongue and asked him where Leapfish plans on being within the next year. He started to fumble a little more and then passed the phone off to his “manager”.

The manager told me pretty much the same thing and then said their Alexa rating is in the top 0.11% of all sites on the Web today.

(for those of you who don’t know, Alexa is a traffic rating system, similar to the Nielsen T.V. ratings. BUT it sucks and is not at all accurate because it only tracks traffic from people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Alexa rating is virtually worthless).

And then the manager went on with the same high-pressure sales pitch and told me if I didn’t buy the damn advertisement now, they would sell it off to someone else (today) and I would miss my opportunity.

Bottom line: Leapfish sucks. Their idea is not original in the slightest bit. And anyone who would purchase a high-dollar link on a website that is only 5 months old is out of their mind crazy.

Telemarketing and high-pressure sales is always a bad idea, especially when you are calling up search engine optimizers and trying to bullshit your way through the conversation.

I would definitely shy away from them and just sit back and see what happens. I’d bet the farm that they never come close to gaining a share of the major search engine market. And the price you are going to pay for one of their advertisement spots would be better spent on an AdWords campaign.

They should really do their homework before they make their next call.

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