Instant Local Traffic

So you’re interested in being a internet marketing consultant for local businesses or is that what you’re currently doing? Maybe you need to be able to supply instant local traffic to your prospects. The Problem Lets be honest, you’re not really an IM consultant, you’re a sales rep for your services. Far too many people […]

Google’s Calling You

Have you claimed your local business listing? Google Places (formally Google Local, and often referred to as Google Maps Listing) is a free service provided by Google. It is a directory of local businesses, allowing a business owner to claim their listing. Google Places These listings show up in Google when people type a local […]

Facebook Ads (PPC) Strategies

Seems to be a hot topic doesn’t it? Everywhere you go people talking about facebook and facebook traffic and facebook pages, facebook for business, and also facebook advertising! There are countless different courses available right now about using facebook advertising to make piles of money, people calling it free traffic and so on. As usual, […]

Combat Content Farms

What can Google do to protect legitimate US web site promotion and limit the dilution of content by Content Farms? First of all, what are content farms? They are sites that attempt to make money by paying as little as posssible to content creators for answers to questions most often asked on the Internet. They […]

A Keyword Analysis Service

What are the secrets to effective use of a free aticle directory, and how they be assisted by a keyword analysis service for US web site promotions? Article or aticle marketing as some like to spell it, can be an effective means of promotion, but there are two keys to success. 1) Effective keywords must […]