What is the best way to get traffic to my website?

Oh the most asked question online nowadays!
When it comes to getting traffic to any website, it is crucial that you take certain steps first!
There are also a number of different types of traffic you can try to obtain, SEO (or organic traffic), referral traffic, PPC, and much more.

The first type of traffic Dr Smiley recommends you focus on, is SEO traffic. Why? Because it will get you going. When you put your web pages together you should always use –

1. Good keyword Title for your page.
2. You should give a good description of what your page is about.

3. You should use your keywords for your website in your meta tag keywords area. Now some say this isn’t important any more, but it still is. Search engines do look at this, but it isn’t as important as your Title tag and your page description.

4. Use your keyword throughout your web page, but DO NOT stuff it, make it look and read naturally. Keep your webpage to one keyword or keyword phrase, don’t try to rank for several keywords on one webpage.
Let’s discuss the ways to get traffic to any website, either free or low cost.

Still used by almost all marketers today, is Article Marketing.

This is the cheapest and easiest way to start generating traffic to any website you have. Pick a keyword that is popular with your market, do a bit of research on that keyword and find out some problems people are facing with it.

Write up a short article around 400 words, use your keyword especially at the beginning of your article and at the end. Write a short 2 or 3 line resource box, this box is to encourage others that read your article, to learn more about you or your product/service to click through to your website. This will definitely get you traffic! Just submit your article to no more than 2 or 3 article directories, you do not need to blast it out there.

When someone goes to one of these directories and likes your article, they have the option to copy it and paste it on to their website or blog, when they do this they Must include your resource box with your link. This makes your article(s) go viral very quickly. You can also take your article(s) and put them on your own blog, especially if your blog and website have 2 different domain names, this is not duplicate content.

Another good way to start generating traffic is to use social bookmarketing places like, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. It’s not recommended you start with all of them, pick just one to start out with and get use to it, then once you have it down, you can add another one. Social Networking is very hot right now and it works!
If you have your own product or service you are trying to promote, you might consider using places like ClickBank and/or delhiseo.com. Put your product up on their site and let others promote it for you. Read through these places carefully and make sure you understand their Terms of Service. If done properly you can definitely get a lot of traffic to your website in little time.

There is also PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Google Adwords and Kontari. Both are very good and will bring you traffic, but be warned right Now! This is a dangerous area to tread if you do not know what you are doing. You can easily lose a lot of money in the learning process. Read everything you can about this, and do it slowly. The big key to this being successful is your keyword research, so make sure you do it. Start out pricing your clicks low, see how it goes, if you are getting traffic then you can increase it slightly. Do not try to get greedy here, this one method takes time and effort but if done properly you can really get a lot of traffic rather quickly.

Okay you have now learned a few different ways to go out there and start generating traffic to any website. Another important factor here is, consistency. Whatever method you chose to use, you must do it everyday. Getting traffic to any website takes time and some money, but if you are serious about this, you will do the work. Just keep in mind things don’t happen without some work involved by you.