Worldwide Search Results

Which search engine leads the market in search at the beginning of 2016?
As you might have guessed, it is Google.

World Search Engine Market

Of course, this is quite a remarkable accomplishment, however Google does not dominate the market in several countries where local competition is quite fierce, due to cultural and other linguistic factors.
There are at least four countries where Google has struggled to gain a majority share.
Surprisingly, there are also two countries where Google comes in second to Yahoo.

These are the countries where Google faces the stiffest competition.

1. China – Baidu 77.0 – Google 17.0 (Google launched in China six years later tham Baidu)
2. Japan – Yahoo Japan 51.0 – Google 38.0 (summer 2009 results)
3. Korea – NAVER – 66.0 – DAUM 21.0 – NATE 6.0 – Yahoo Korea 3.0 – Google 2.0 (the most fragmented search market)
4. Russia – Yandex 56.0 – Google 23.0 (Google does not grasp the nuances of Russion that native Yandex has mastered)

At first glance the chart seems to be near complete Google domination. In the preceding four contries, however, Google is the underdog and is fighting an uphill biattle.

Japan search, strangely seems to favor Yahoo over Google. Japan has the third largest Internet usage in the world, after China, and the US.

What will happen this year is anyone’s guess. It is only reasonable to believe that Google will gain market share over it’s competitors worldwide, but in specific countries it could actually lose market share.

The most significant of these markets is China. China accounts for the largest and the fastest growing group of Internet users in the world. Will Google gain or lose market share against native search applications such as Naver (in Korea), or Yandex (in Russia), or Baidu in China?

The search engine battle for market share is not over yet, and heady competition in countries such as China, Korea, and Russia, may prove to be stronger than Google anticipates for 2010 and beyond.
Good Luck in your US web site promotion for 2016.

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